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All-Season Herbs Pvt. Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality STANDARDIZED HERBAL EXTRACTS since 2002. An exclusive manufacturing facility and dedicated raw materials supplier network makes us the one-stop-shop for all your requirements of standardized herbal extracts, herbal raw material and other plant derivatives from India.

Today, we rank amongst the largest manufacturers of standardized Herbal Extracts in the country catering to the bulk requirements of giant Pharmaceutical Companies, Traditional Ayurvedic Manufacturers & Individual practitioners simultaneously. To ensure continued compliance with the requirements of the international standards, we have designed and implemented comprehensive systems for Quality Assurance (QA), incorporating Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and thus Quality Control (QC).

All-Season Herbs also provide CONTRACT MANUFACTURING for EXTRACTION, SPRAY DRYING, BLENDING, PACKING and R&D trials. Our interest in agriculture has encouraged us to diversify into propagative farming for vegetables in our own Green Houses and over 3,50,000 Sqft of Farm lands adjoining the manufacturing facility where we practice Good Agricultural Practice (GAP).

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All raw materials are quality tested according to preset scientifically validated methods that have been developed in house.


Amla or Emblica Officinalis is a natural, effective antioxidant with the richest natural source of Vitamin C.



Kalmegh is a bitter annual erect herb with small white flowers. The fruit is a pod with 10-12 seeds .


Arjuna Bark

Terminalia arjuna is a tree up to 25 meter hight. It grows along the river banks, plains of northern India.


Ashoka Bark

Saraca indica or Saraca asoka is a small evergreen tree native to India.Iit is popularly called Asoka or Ashoka, Ashok, or Sita Ashok



As per the earlier belief, there is no other plant in Ayurveda, which can provide as much strength



Shatavari, Asparagus racemosus, is a climbing plant which grows in low jungles areas throughout India.



Shilajith or Rock asphalt is ejected out of rocks during hot weather in the lower Himalayas, Vindya and other mountain tracts



Mature green leaves are collected and allowed to dry partially. Then these dried leaves are then crushed and powdered.


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Managing Director : Gokul Gopinath

Instrumental in setting up the company in April 2002, his insight for planning and implementation has been very significant in developing the company...

Director: Reshmi Gokul

is an MBA with specialization in International Export Management and comes from a business family of one of India’s leading textile machinery manufacturers...

Director: Chitra Gopinath

is the Managing Director of Edappal Hospitals group, one of south India's leading multi-specialty hospital and chain of Infertility Centers established in the year 1989....

Our certifications

"Making available Standardized Herbal Extracts from plant sources for the formulation of Herbal Medicines, Cosmetics and Nutraceuticals"