All-Season Herbs Pvt. Ltd was incorporated in year 2002 for the manufacture and supply of quality STANDARDIZED HERBAL EXTRACTS. Our registered office and manufacturing facility are located together within the same premises in over 24,000 sqm at Whitefield, a 30 minute drive from Bangalore, India's Garden city.

With over 35 years of experience in the field, the founders of All-Season Herbs have the advantage of a strong background in the industry while also being associated with the leading Ayurvedic institutions in the country. Leveraging its in-depth knowledge and experience in traditional medicine and herbal formulations, All-Season Herbs has diversified from pure research to cultivating and manufacture of its own brand of high-quality natural extracts.

The Driving Force

Gokul Gopinath

Managing Director

Instrumental in setting up the company in April 2002, his insight for planning and implementation has been very significant in developing the company. With a Masters in International Marketing and sound background in the Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical and Tourism Industry, he spent his initial years setting up exclusive Ayurvedic Resorts and a vide network of hospitals in the country. Collaborating closely with fellow directors and his network of trusted professionals, Gokul draws on his wealth of experience in the field to provide valuable insight and direction to the company vision. His eye for business detail has been invaluable in the creation of the brandstrategy.

Gokul is also the CEO of Edappal Hospitals Pvt. Ltd, one of south India's leading multi-specialty Hospital withover 600 beds and their own brand of NABH accredited Infertility Centers.


Reshmi Gokul


Reshmi Gokul is an MBA with specialization in International Export Management and comes from a business family of one of India’s leading textile machinery manufacturers. She currently handles our export division and takes care of the international market and day-to-day administrative affairs. She is part of the team that advises the company on strategic and business process.

Reshmi also takes personal interest in our Agriculture division and oversees cultivation activities.

Chitra Gopinath


Chitra Gopinath, is the Managing Director of Edappal Hospitals group, one of south India's leading multi-specialty hospital and chain of Infertility Centers established in the year 1989. With an experience of over 25 years in the service field, her acumen and connections in the pharmaceutical industry contribute a great way in projecting the firm towards the most lucrative market.

Our family is over three decades into health care with significant interest in Manufacturing of Herbal / Ayurvedic Products, Specialty Hospitals and Infertility Clinics. For more information on our different businesses, please click on the respective links below.



"Making available Standardized Herbal Extracts from plant sources for the formulation of Herbal Medicines, Cosmetics and Nutraceuticals"

Our interest in agriculture has encouraged us to diversify into propagative farming for vegetables in our own Green Houses and over 3,50,000 Sqft of Farm lands adjoining the manufacturing facility where we practice Good Agricultural Practice (GAP).